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Eco Luxury

High-end materials, tailor-made design, rebranding, style research… everything is accomplished in full respect of the planet and according to the principles of corporate social responsibility. Eco luxury is for all intents and purposes a new frontier in architecture.

Eco luxury architecture combines luxury, elegance and style to the concepts of eco-friendliness and natural materials. Excellence blends with everything that is environmentally and socially responsible, since luxury and exclusivity can, and must, reconcile with respect for the environment and social awareness.

It is a true cultural approach. When the term eco is applied to architecture it refers to the search for constructive solutions that maximize the welfare of those who benefit from the architectural work, keeping in mind that resources are limited and that wastage and excessive pollution may become unsustainable for future generations.

The purpose of eco luxury is the realisation of a project par excellence with great visual and emotional impact that is able to contribute to the well-being of those who benefit from it, in other words the psychophysical state of the person as well as their socio-economic situation, and, above all, protecting the environment.

An architectural work is therefore not an object in itself, detached from the context in which it is located, but rather an integral part of a dynamic and complex system, which considers natural elements (water, earth, sun, wind and vegetation) and social aspects (identity and belonging to places) as an indivisible whole for the definition of a project.

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Eco Luxury - Archtailor
via Carlo Frasca, 3 - Lugano - Switzerland
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