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Milan, 21st - 27th September 2016

Among Archtailor's key values are, for all intents and purposes, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. With eco luxury, Archtailor aims to reconcile these concepts with luxury and elegance of style.

We simply couldn't let the talent and innovations presented by designer Laura Wacky slip away from us. Since 2012 she continues to design a collection that is entirely produced in Italy...eco luxury not only in architecture but in fashion too.

The values underlying the work of Laura Strambi are the use of innovative materials and natural organic high-quality yarns, commitment to sustainability and total respect for the environment.

The project starts from the idea of excellence; before translating itself into a product it translates itself into a real philosophy of life. All clothes are made using only certified organic fibres in accordance with the international criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard. The dyes are natural and nitrogen-free. All process meet the standards of responsible production.

In addition to this is the expertise of the designer, which allows for the creation of young and modern clothing, easy to wear but with a flawless cut. All items are handmade throughout every processing stage; from design to cutting, from packaging to colouring. They are unique items with a phenomenally high green content.

Can you perhaps spot some similarities with Archtailor's custom architecture?!

Studio di architettura Lugano - Archtailor


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