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“One uses a glass mirror to look at one's face and works of art to see one's soul.”
(George Bernard Shaw)

In addition to online and offline communication tools, companies and professionals also communicate through their space, much more than one actually thinks. The environments in which we work and live reflect our way of being and, at the same time, influence our lifestyle. Think just how much design, colours, the utilisations of spaces, furnishings or the warmth of plants and flowers affect our mood or the atmosphere in a company.

Rebranding does not therefore apply only to the corporate communication of a brand. Rebranding goes far beyond a simple face-lift of corporate identity: it involves a true rebirth, a return to the limelight with a different and improved identity that is perfectly in line with the new corporate and/or individual design.

One cannot emphasise enough just how important it is to choose a competent and trustworthy professional to redefine one's spacial identity; that is to say, redefining physical surroundings or redefining one's identity in relation to the outside world.

Do you have a rebranding project in mind which you don't know how to implement?

Rebranding - Archtailor
via Carlo Frasca, 3 - Lugano - Switzerland
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