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Tailor Made

""The only man I have ever met in my life who really had a sensitive touch was my tailor: he took my measurements every time he saw me, while everyone else kept their old measurements and expected me to adapt to them."
(George Bernard Shaw)

Maybe if George Bernard Shaw stepped inside our architectural firm today he'd be able to utter the same words about Archtailor: for we ourselves, just like a tailor, take measurements. At Archtailor we make sure that architecture adapts to the person, and not vice versa. Our way of conceiving designs looks much like the tailoring process: we think, we reflect, we study the correct procedure to be implemented and, step by step, we get to the end result.
Just like an outfit can totally change our figure, the same applies to architecture, which, depending on how it is conceived, is able to influence our habits and relationships. Architecture is solid and palpable, one discovers it, visits it and lives it ... A space can be material or more fluid, it can be a peaceful space or a space for sharing, our personal access to the outside world. Our home is for all intents and purposes a spiritual place, a sacred place that must nurture our intimacy with the utmost care.

Living in one's dream home with spaces taken care of in their own particular way, surrounded by exclusive features, designed ad hoc according to deep desires ... this, and much more, is tailor-made architecture built around the person.
With tailor-made architecture each space is studied and designed around the client and their distinguishing personality. The result is the conception and realisation of a uniquely designed product which is able to reflect the true soul of the individual, making us feel in total harmony with our environment and the spaces around us.
Is it not true, as Hermann Broch wrote, that "architecture is a testament to man's aspiration to conquer time by raising the order in space"?

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Architettura su misura - Tailor Made Architecture
via Carlo Frasca, 3 - Lugano - Switzerland
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