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Gabriele Gascone - Archtailor


Archtailor's Home Renovation service can consist in small touch-ups for greater personalisation and improvement of one's surroundings, or large-scale renovations. The Home Renovation service can be divided into three separate types of realisation: the Tailor Made proposal, the Personal Architecture itinerary, or the General Contractor service.

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Tailor Made architecture bases itself around the individual, proposing environments designed exclusively for the client and tailor-made by the best craftsmen.

This solution is suitable for those who want to renovate their environments with a project that is able to improve them and make them more individual and personal. The basic structure is maintained; the resulting aesthetics are what need to be rethought.
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Personal Architecture
The Personal Architecture itinerary accompanies the client through a consultation and preliminary research. The proposal is based on the personality and the specific style of each client, which, just like spaces, is unique and exclusive.
This solution is suitable for those who want to revolutionise their environments and give them fresh air and an injection of life, to make them thrive and be reinvigorated as they deserve to be.
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General Contractor
This service allows the client to be followed step by step throughout the planning and implementation process. The General Contractor option relieves the client of any thoughts inherent in his or her project. The Archtailor Architectural Studio takes care of every process: from the initial design to style-related choices, from the choice of materials and colours to the realisation and purchase of custom furniture and finishing touches. A real turnkey project.


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